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Our Audio Narrators

Marnye Young

Marnye Young is an award winning narrator for NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors. She is a Yale MFA grad SAG-AFTRA voice stage and screen actor who has spent her life in the South, Midwest and North. She has been reviewed for her impeccable comic timing as well as her ability to make you cry and do accents. When she isn’t narrating she's writing a comical blog about her identical twins, fishing, following NASCAR, volunteering (CRIS radio and TIC) and of course “mum”ing. Her favorite literary character is Sherlock Holmes.

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Review: "A Study in Scarlet"

"It took me a few minutes to overcome my prejudice that Sherlock Holmes should be narrated by an Englishman. I’m glad I did! Books are translated into different languages and Shakespeare adapted successfully to the modern age. MY does ACD’s luxurious prose and memorable characters proud in the consulting detective’s first appearance to the world. The quality and range of M’s voice; her eloquence and intonation; and her skilful interpretation – all serve to weave the listener into one of the great stories of the detective genre. Whether it’s the action in London and the American plains or the inner workings of H’s deductive reasoning, MY delivers a captivating listening experience."

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